Mobile Shelving for Medical Records

Is the Ideal storage solution, for when you need to store as many patient notes as possible into an area.

Oracle Storage Systems have completed another installation for Portmouth NHS Trust (2014). Converting static shelving, which houses over 1.3 million medical records originally designed, supplied & installed by Oracle, to a high density mobile shelving system. This will give them an additional 80% of storage space for medical record notes for hospitals in the South of England

Mobile shelving is one of the most used and beneficial medical records storage system in the market today. The high-density shelving system has been universally adopted by hospitals to maximise the storage capacity in new and existing medical records areas.

The main consideration of a mobile shelving solution is to maximise the available floor space.

Mobile racking units are standard shelving components mounted upon mobile bases that run effortlessly on tracks which are laid onto existing floors. Operation is achieved by low effort operation of the hand wheels located on each mobile shelving unit.

To access the required content stored within the shelving, the units are simply rolled apart in order to creat an aisle in the desired location, allowing direct access to the item.

Rolling Storage is more secure than open static shelving system as the blocks of shelving can be closed and secured to prevent un-authorised access, if required

Oracle Storage will come to your premises and carry out a full site survey of the area given, for medical records storage. We will then come back with a cad drawing and quotation, so you can see exactly how many records can be stored, safe access for your staff and how much more can be achieved compared to your existing layout

Have look at our mobile shelving website for more information..Dont forget we offer to carry out free site survey's,free quotations with cad drawings with no obligation and don't forget its all manufactured in the U.K


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